Satinder Sartaaj Rangrez Album Mp3 Songs Download 2014

Satinder Sartaaj Rangrez Mp3 Songs Download – Brand New Punjabi Album By Satinder Sartaaj “Rangrez” Full album mp3 songs free download in 128 and 320 kbps bitrate.

Satinder Sartaaj Rangrez Album Mp3 Songs Download 2014

Satinder Sartaaj Rangrez


  1. Tere Pind Wallon
  2. Jugnu Te Jugni
  3. Becharey Aashiqan De
  4. Ik Albeli
  5. Zikr Tera
  6. Rabb Dian Be Parwahian
  7. Jalsa
  8. Leekon Langhiye Na
  9. Mirze Di Shaadi
  10. Billo Ji

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Satinder Sartaaj Rangrez Album Reviews:

Tere Pind Wallon (Satinder Sartaaj) – Video for the Song is Out Now and its Getting Good Response from All Over.Lyrics are good and Beautiful video making it pleasure for the Sartaaj fans.

Tere pind wallon Udd de ne Mor Mp3 Download

Jugnu Te Jugni (Satinder Sartaaj) – Sartaaj Trying Bit Different things in the Rangrez Album and This Song is Just part of that only.

Jugnu te Jugni Song Mp3 Download

Becharey Aashiqan De (Satinder Sartaaj) – As We know He Always Wrote Something for Aashiqs and This Song belongs to Them.

Ik Albeli (Satinder Sartaaj) – Ik Albeli is the Song number 5th from the Rangrez Album but This Song Doesnt Grip You Much as Sartaaj Songs makes you Dream in Past.

Zikr Tera (Satinder Sartaaj) – Jad Zikr tera Hove starts From a Beautiful Sher and You Expects a Lot From this one.But Its just an OK OK Song.

Zikr tera Song Mp3 Download

Rabb Dian Be Parwahian (Satinder Sartaaj) – If I have to Choose one of the Best from the Album, Then probably Rabb Dian Be parwahian is the lead Song From the Rangrez Album.

Rabb Dian Be Parwahian Song Mp3 Download

Jalsa (Satinder Sartaaj) – He is Just Trying too Much Within a Album and Jalsa Song is part of that

Leekon Langhiye Na (Satinder Sartaaj) – Leekon langhiye na is a Song which Suits the Voice of Satinder sartaaj and It will be a Hit for Sure.Rangrez Album is not that Superhit from Our Side but Few Songs are good.

Leekon langhiye na Song Mp3 Download

Mirze Di Shaadi (Satinder Sartaaj) – Another Trying Out Song by Satinder Sartaaj

Billo Ji (Satinder Sartaaj) – Funny Song By Sartaaj and Nothing Much on the Lyrics.Rangrez Album is All About Collecting Flavors from Different Aspects but Lyrics are Not that good.

Billo Ji hun Hillo ji Song Mp3 Download

We rate this Album at 3 out of 5.

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