Diljit Dosanjh Proper Patola Full Song Official Video

Watch Diljit Dosanjh Proper Patola Full Song Official Video feat Badshah.

Proper Patola song is very fantastic song the song s sing by the diljit dosanjh and the proper patola song rapper is Badshah a very amazing a quality the proper patola music on the sony india. The proper patola song will launched on 9 august 2013 after the permier of the song Today and it will available for the download all over the web on the official website of the Sony music.

Proper patola song lyrics and mp3 and about the song

The Proper patola song lyrics are very wonderful as well as the mp3 audio of the song is also amazing the song proper patola is very fantastic and amazing the proper patola song can be download from the below links. mp3 of the proper patola can also be download from the given below links. The song lyrics are very good and video of proper patola is also amazing.

The lyrics of proper patola is not available now, We Will Update them Soon.

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