Pakistan News: Imran Khan injured in an election rally

Tehreek-e-Insaf party leader Imran Khan has injured himself. Imran had come to attend an election rally in Lahore. Imran lifter when you go from lying down on the stage. Imran hurt in the head. He was admitted to the hospital.

Pakistan: Imran Khan injured in an election rally

Pakistan: Imran Khan injured in an election rally

When that time there was chaos in Lahore, Pakistan Tehrik-e-e-Insaf party during an election rally Imran Khan’s head suddenly fell off the stage. Falling off the stage there was only around screaming. Imran was lying on the ground and was bleeding from his head.

Facial – instant Imran Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore was taken for treatment. Imran falling from the platform of Pakistan news spread like fire and his supporters ran into a wave of concern.

Imran was standing on the stage he was at the height of 14 feet from the ground.

This accident happened in Lahore where Imran Khan Ghalib Market was addressing a rally. According to doctors Imran Khan’s injury is not serious and is currently being treated.


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