Nindy Kaur – Gall Mitro feat Raftaar Full Video and Soundtrack Out Now

Nindy Kaur, also the wife of acclaimed singer and producer Manjeet Ral of RDB, began singing at the age of 10. Raised in the U.K. and surrounded by the beats and rhythms of Birmingham’s Bhangra bands, she grew up as a child who would save her lunch money to buy every single Bhangra album upon release.

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Nindy Kaur feat Raftaar - Gal Mitro

Nindy Kaur feat Raftaar – Gal Mitro

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It was a given obvious that Bhangra music would soon become the prime influence in shaping her future as a singer. Her dad would pick up all the old folk-Punjabi records such as Ranjit Kaur and Mohammad Sadiqu, while Nindy and her brother would dance to them. Though Bhangra has always been a large influence in her musical style, she seeks to accept and shape her music from a bit of Pop and Rock to even Hip-Hop and Bollywood.

Nindy has self-taught herself the art of singing and has spent years developing her vocal skills in both Punjabi and Hindi. Her main goal as an artist is to be true to her culture and reflect that in her vocals. She has never once forgotten where she’s come from and has kept true to her culture both vocally and personally.

Her talent was obvious to Manj and she went on record more with RDB, eventually leading to her performing on the same stage with actor Akshay Kumar at the Toronto Film Festival. Nindy instantly became an overnight success, with both the younger and the older generation, both in awe of her captivating and charismatic vocals. And Nindy’s her relationship isn’t just strong with Manj; his brothers Kuly and Surj have been just as supportive in jump-starting Nindy’s career as a singer.

They have always been supportive and behind me, they are great brother in-laws and I love the fact that everything is within the family.

Gal Mitro combines the vocals of Nindy Kaur and Raftaar with the renowned production of RDB, who we recently broke news about regarding a collaboration with T-Pain on the upcoming single Daddy Da Cash. Gal Mitro is a fresh, funky upbeat track, which is destined for the dancefloor.

Nindy KaurGal Mitro featuring Raftaar and RDB will be out on iTunes on 3rd May 2013.

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