Nishawn Bhullar – Nabar Punjabi Movie 2013

Nabar is a National Award winner Punjabi film. This is the debut movie of Punjabi Singer Nishawn Bhullar. The story is based on a family in Punjab, a father, wife, son and his girlfriend. The son is manipulated by bogus agents who promise to send him to UK. Agents inform Karma (THE SON) that he will need to fly from Mumbai. On arrival Karma releases that he is not the only one waiting to go to the UK on questing the agent a fight breaks out where Karma is killed.

Nishawan Bhullar - Nabar Punjabi Movie 2013

Nishawan Bhullar – Nabar Punjabi Movie 2013

 On news of Karma’s death the family are deeply shocked especially the mother has she as a mental breakdown. The girlfriend although is devastated decide to help the mother and father of Karma. The father is in shock has he can’t believe what has happened and decides to go to Mumbai to find out what had happened has the police weren’t that helpful. During his quest he realises that there is an eye witness who knows the whole truth of Karma’s death. He sets out to find this person to get justice. He eventually finds this person and with help of others and he manages to convince this person to give evidence in court.

Now the agents who are the men of the M.L.A (Member of Parliament) inform him of the situation and the M.L.A inform his men to stop the witness at all costs and to use any means necessary. They try to bribe him with money first. The witness does not accept and then a fight breaks out and the father manages to get the eye witness into court to give evidence and the agents and M.L.A are exposed and sentenced.

On his return the father takes the ashes of his son home and his wife comes to terms with her son’s death and the girlfriend gets married. A year later the father and mother open an help and advice center in connection with UK immigration to help other families identify the difference between professional and bogus agents.

Producer: Jasbir Singh Derewal
Director: Rajeev Kumar
Starring: Nishawn Bhullar, Rana Ranbir, Hardeep Gill, Harbinder Kaur Babli, Geetanjali Gill, Ashish Duggal, Raj Singh Jhinger, Jatinder Sharma
Production Company: Channel Punjab Production Ltd & Hands On Production
Music: Channi Singh

Nishawan Bhullar – Nabar Trailer


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