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Gurdas Maan – BiographyGurdas Mann Biography

He was born in the holy Village of Gidderbaha, Distt. Muktsar in the state of Indian Punjab on 5th January 1952. In his college days he was a good athlete. He has Black Belt in the game of Judo. He was good singer since his college/university days. He also took part in various festivals and got the awards for the same. Apart from this he is a good Actor too and has also took part in many stage shows during his college life. After getting his masters degree in Physical Education, he looked out for a job. He got the job in Punjab State Electricity Board. But the fate did not let him to do the job. While seeking job he did not give up the stage and singing. In one of his stage shows he sang a song titled “Dil Da Mamla Hai”, and at that place a representative of the HMV music company was present. He listened to him and called him to his office later. After that incident he got the invitation from that company to release his first album under the same title “Dil Da Mamla Hai”. And since then, he never saw back. He has given many successful albums like, Mamla Garbarh Hai, Masti, Peer Tere Jaan Di, Wah Ni Jawaniye, Chugliyan Chugliyan, Mohabbat Zindabad, Ishq Na Vekhe Jaat, Yaar Mera Pyar, Punjiree etc. And his new album has been released under the title of HEER.

He loves the rich culture of Punjab. He has sung many songs on the theme of Punjab, Punjabi Language and Punjabi Culture like, Chhalla (the most popular), Apna Punjab Hove, Punjabiye Zubane, Yaar Punjabi, Punjeeri and many more. His all songs have a Sufiana touch which makes his songs popular in every class of audience.

He acts in films too. His first film was Mamla Garbarh Hai. He has acted in about 14 films. His latest film “Des Hoya Pardes” with Juhi Chawla, was released on 14th January – 2005 and is running successfully all over. He married to Mrs. Manjeet Kaur Maan and he has one son (Gurekam Singh) studying abroad.

He got three music awards for Best Lyrics (Kudiye), Best Song (Heer), and the top most awaited Best Singer of the Year, in ETC Channel Punjabi Music Awards organised by ETC Channel Punjabi and ALFA TV Punjabi, on 6th March, 2005.

Gurdas Maan was born on 4th January, 1957 in Giddarbaha, Muktsar District, Punjab, India.

Born: January 4, 1957
Occupation: Singer/Film Actor/Film Producer/Music Director/Lyricist
Debut Film: Mamla Garbar Hai (1984)
Upcoming Film: Punjabiye Zubane (2013) (Rumoured)
Award(s): PTC Best Actor (Critics) – 2011
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Film and Music Career

Gurdas Maan is a Punjabi singer, songwriter, actor, lyricist and film producer. He is best known as an actor for his performance in two films – Waris Shah – Ishq Da Waaris, which was nominated as India’s official selection to the Academy Awards, and Shaheed-E-Mohabbat.
His song “Dil Da Mamala Hai” brought him to national attention in India in 1980. He has recorded over 34 albums. He has produced over 34 albums and has written over 250 songs. He also wrote and directed TV programs like POP Time for Doordarshan Delhi. When Gurdas Maan started his career as a performer, there was no market for solo singers, as the market was dominated by the duets. He declined many offers to perform as a duet as he was confident of becoming successful as a solo artist. Even today when organizers arrange for a group of artists to perform, he always perform solo. He has toured the globe and charmed audiences with his versatile performances.

Personal Life

Gurdas Maan was born on 4th January, 1957 in Giddarbaha, Muktsar District, Punjab, India. Gurdas Maan was formally educated in Malout. After completing his education, his parents moved him to Patiala for further studies. He is of Sikh faith. The city fascinated him especially because it was home to the National Institute of Sports, as Gurdas Maan is a keen sports enthusiast. He joined the N.I.S and gained a Masters Degree in Physical Education.


  • 2013: Kamla Jatt (Sai Creations/UK BOX OFFICE)
  • 2011: Jogiya (Sai Productions/T-Series/UK BOX OFFICE)
  • 2008: Boot Polishan (Sai Creations/UK BOX OFFICE)
  • 2005: Vilayatan (T-Series/MovieBox)
  • 2004: Heer (T-Series)
  • 2003: Punjeeri (T-Series/MovieBox/Music Waves)
  • 2001: Pyar Kar Lai (Tips)
  • 1999: Jaadugarian (Venus)
  • 1998: Dil Hona Chahida Jawaan (Venus)
  • 1997: Yaar Mera Pyar (T-Series)
  • 1996: Chaklo Chaklo (T-Series)
  • 1995: Ishq Na Dekhe Zaat
  • 1994: Aaja Sajna
  • 1994: Ishq Da Giddha (Tips)
  • 1993: Ghar Bhulgi Morh Te Ake
  • 1993: Than Than Gopal (RMI)
  • 1993: Aakarh Aa Hi Jaandi-E (Music Bank)
  • 1992: Larh Geya Pecha
  • 1991: Dil Da Badshah
  • 1990: Mohabbat Zindabad
  • 1989: Akhiyaan Udeek Dian
  • 1988* Raat Suhani’
  • 1988: Chugliyaan
  • 1988: Wah Ni Jawaniye
  • 1987: Geetan Bhari Patari
  • 1986: Nacho Babeyo
  • 1985: Kurian Ne Judo Sikh Lai
  • 1984: Chakkar’
  • 1984: Peer Tere Jaan Di
  • 1983: Masti
  • 1982: Dil Saaf Hona Chahida
  • 1982: Disco Vichari
  • 1981: Dil Da Mamla Hai
  • 1980 : Rann Botal wargi


  • 2013: Punjabiye Zubaney
  • 2012: Mitro – Mitro[6]
  • 2010: Chak Jawana
  • 2010: Sukhmani – Hope for Life (Best Actor – Critic Award PTC Punjabi film Awards 2011).[4] Sai Loksangeet Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2009: Mini Punjab (Speed OXL Films)
  • 2008: Yaariyan (Universal)
  • 2007: Mummy-Ji (special appearance) (Universal)
  • 2006: Waris Shah-Ishq Da Waaris (MovieBox)
  • 2004: Des Hoyaa Pardes (Universal)
  • 2004: Veer Zaara (special appearance) (Yash Raj Films)
  • 2002: Zindagi Khoobsoorat Hai
  • 2000: Shaheed Udham Singh (MovieBox) …Shaheed Bhagat Singh
  • 1999: Shaheed-E-Mohabbat …Boota Singh
  • 1999 Sirf Tum (special appearance)
  • 1995: Subedaar
  • 1995: Bagawat …Gurjeet
  • 1994: Kachehri..Gurdas/Ajit
  • 1994: Wanted: Gurdas Maan Dead or Alive
  • 1992: Saali Adhi Ghar Waali
  • 1991: Roohani Taaqat
  • 1990: Pratigya …Billa
  • 1990: Qurbani Jatt Di …Karma
  • 1990: Dushmani Di Aag
  • 1987: Chhora Haryana Ka
  • 1986: Ki Banu Duniyan Da
  • 1986: Gabhroo Punjab Da …Shera
  • 1986: Laung Da Lashkara
  • 1985: Patthar Dil
  • 1984: Mamla Garbar Hai
  • 1982: Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da…Gurdit

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