Video: Panga – Amar Arshi New Song – King of Folk

KING OF FOLK – AMAR ARSHI – After the massive response to Hanju Leja, we present to you the second video from the Superhit album. The song is called PANGA . Music on the album is composed, arranged and performed by UK based Inda Bains. A sneak peak is shared here from the first track “HANJU LEJA“. Video directed by Arwinder Khaira / Navjit Buttar (Virsa Arts). The album features songs written by Mehtan Wala Meht, Rana Sherpuria, Rishi Katan Wala, Jog Chakwala, Amrit (USA) & Sees Chelian Wala (UK). Special thanks to Sandip Singh for conceiving the project.

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