7 Chords Music – The International Desis – Nach Le

7 Chords studiios is Australias first desi recording company in Melbourne Australia. 7 chords studios was established to produce desi music in and within australia. 7 chords studios saw a big potential of desi talents which eiher due to less funds loose there talent or go abraod to India or UK to produce music.

7 Chords Music - The International Desis - Nach Le7 Chords studio is well equipped with state of art technology and equipment for music production. 7 Chords Studios is not only limited to Australia but also for peopel workdwide. 7 Chords Studios has 8-10 inhouse music producers/ audio engineers- the finest in the market. 7 Chords Studios specialises in Pop/ Rock/
R&B/House/Bollywood/Elector/Folk and etc.

7 Chords Studios was launched on 12th May 2012, and the inaugration was done by Amrinder Gill, Feroz Khan and Kamal Grewal, in South Morang, Melbourne.

7 Chords decided to promote the local fresh talents and conducted a talent hunt for their upcoming International Album to be produced and release by 7 chords studios. 7 Chords Studios auditioned 1000
candidates and selected the 7 finest talents from Australia. 6 candidates were from different cities of Punjab, India and one of the candidate is from Gujrat, Pakistan.

The names of the 7 candidates are as follows
1) Jashan Gill
2) Sam-K
3) Abbi FGK
4) Arman
5) Amar Singh
6) Shahid Saleem
7) Mandy M

7 Chords studios, is currently working on their upcoming album by the name of” The International Desis”. The international Desis is a compilation album of all the 7 singers to be produced and released by 7 chords. The promo song of ” The International Desis” -[ Nach Le ] is to be released soon. The teaser and the promo song/ Video is already out in the market.

7 Chords is also currently working on few other fresh talents in Australia and will be producing the finest music for these singers apart from the ” The Internaional Desis” album.

Over the couple of few months 7 chords studios decided to start a new entity by the name of 7 Chords Music. 7 Chords Music is Australia’s First Desi Record Label for promoting asian muisic 7 Chords Music would be promoting and releasing not only their album, ” The international Desis” album but is open to all the talents available in Australia or worlwide for release and promotion. 7 Chords Music believes that talents is not go wasted and by the proper tools and acurate relaease tools, the talent could get a worldwide recognition.

7 chords music is an independent record label with worldwide netwroking. 7 chords music’s aim is to be bring the talented singers in the lime light, in respect to the current market needs. 7 Chords music is always in a look out for new talents worldwide and welcomes all singers/artists worldwide from any region/country for release/ distribution of their music/album.

7 Chords Music has two offices, the head office is in Melbourne, Australia and the second branch office is situtated in Ludhiana – India.

7 Chords studio and 7 Chords Music is owned by Mandy M. 7 Chords Studios started of as a dream project but with the overwhelming response from the market, not only Australia but from India / Pakistan, the dream project got its wings to fly.

Official Video Nach Le

Official Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/7chordsmusic
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/7chordsmusic
Twitter – http://twitter.com/7chordsmusic

Official Teaser – www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7Regd8WMkw

Official Video – Nach Le – www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGvY_Q8tjKU

Website  – http://7chordsmusic.com/

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